Sunday, January 07, 2007

Other peoples blogs!!

Just a short post for now! Will post more later!

I woke early so decided to upload my photo for the photo a day!! Then went off trolling round other peoples blogs............. whilst there I always have a look at their favourite blogs! It usually gives you an idea of the type of person they are! My goodness there are some odd people out there..... I'm glad I'm not alone!!!!!!


stitchwort said...

Hello from one of those odd people!
One of our family sayings is "Nowt so queer as folk".

BTW, a couple of posts back you mentioned felting - merino is the fibre to get for this, it felts so easily and takes dye wonderfully too.

mrsnesbitt said...

Odd people??????

Allotment Lady said...

Present company excepted I hope - or maybe not.

I am happy to be considered odd - in a nice homebody organically minded way

Libbys Blog said...

Oh no ladies, someone had a blog all about bananas!!!!

RUTH said...

How about starting an "ODD BLOG" link...though I guess that may offend some people...maybe a "BLOGS OF INNOVATIVE THOUGHTS" links?

lilymarlene said...

Ahhh! But it's all part of life's rich pattern. Thank goodness we're not all clones like the Stepford Wives.....!

Libbys Blog said...