Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hopeless Composter!!!

We seem to have been stuck in doors for ages now, so much so, I decided that no matter what the weather was doing I was going to turn the compost heaps and generally tidy up round the greenhouse!!

So here are two of my bins, the corner one was empty (its actually very difficult to open)and I have moved it away to another part of the garden! But look at the inside of the square one.....

Initially it looks good, that is until you dig to the middle!!! This always happens to us, we are hopeless composters.... the middle is totally dry and unrotted!!! I'm careful to mix layers, it gets the occasional watering! One year we had a nest of mice in there!! I have all the books on how to compost etc etc but still I fail miserably and it really really p****s me off!
Anyway they are all mixed up and re-packed (so to speak). I suppose I just have to keep trying!!!


RUTH said...

We've got one of those tumbling composters; the only problem is we have no room in the garden for it so it's stuck in the garage!!!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I have one of the tumblers also. It's like a barrel with a bar through the middle, on a stand so you can spin it. It is the only way my compost would get turned. It works for me. Otherwise, I mix it in the beds and let it compost in place.

Sheila said...

You are not alone. We began a composter a few years ago and it became a mouse motel. We did everything we were supposed to do (we thought) but to no avail. Now we have a waste pick up by the council and they compost everything, and you can buy it back from them...but it is mouse free...!
BTW thank you for the comment you left on my last post..xx

wendy said...

Hmmm i`m doing something wrong also, mines on the slimy side!!

Allotment Lady said...

Wendy - too many grass cuttings? That is usually the cause - or too thickly layered with grass cuttings.

I have moved all my compost bins up the lottie - so much better and it gets mixed with horse or pig manure which does the trick.

Those people on television GW and the like, have people to make theirs for them and they use big diggers to turn it over - so of course it looks perfect grrrrrrr