Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In the garden!!

The weather forecast was for a dry day today, so I thought I would take the opportunity to get out in the garden and do some tidying up!!
So I started out the front! Earlier this year we had 2 x 1 cubic metre bags of soil delivered, now these are delivered in these specially woven bags, sadly the Recycling company who deliver the soil, are unable to re-use them because of health and safety reasons! So I kept them and to be honest they are great!
I have no rear access so all my garden rubbish that doesn't fit in the compost has to come out through the house. So I use smaller, liftable bags and then empty them into the very large bag.
Well this bag had been left out the front along with a pallet, some plant pots and a couple of buckets. So they where duely moved!!
I then washed down all the paintwork on the windows and front door then cleaned the front window. We have wooden windows and door at the front, they have only been in for about 6 years. When we bought them you couldn't get UPVC windows with raised bars, the victorian effect bars where put in between the panes of glass and we felt they looked too flat!
Then I toddled through to the back, by now it was raining ( so much for a dry day!!) and started on the patio, clearing, cutting, brushing, playing with the cat etc.

I have had this piece of wood for years, I just love the shape of it. Now it is slow being covered in moss. Its the green that I think is beautiful, not that I would wear it or anything. If you look around though there are many types of moss, they all have different was of growing, outwards, upwards etc.

Then after cleaning out the chickens, who I think have totally lost the plot! You never have a camera handy to get that vital picture, do you!!!

I went to check the greenhouse........ I haven't had to put any heaters on for weeks and I must admit I find it quite difficult knowing how much water to give everything, bearing in mind it is all supposed to be 'dormant'!!!!! Supposed being the operative word!!!!!

This is the Brugmansia, just sprouting new leaves!!!!

The fuschia covered with buds!!!!

The Elephants Ears (Alocasia)that sprouted in the last week!!!!!

An Eygytian Paparus that has also sprouted!!!

Although I haven't got a picture of it, the banana is sending up a new leaf as well. This is (I think) quite worrying! When the real winter comes these will all be hit hard, I hope I don't lose them!!

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