Saturday, December 09, 2006

My husband has a Mistress!!!! Out for a Walk!!

We have been together for nearly 21 years, and I have never had any reason to doubt my hubbys loyalty, love and trust to me and the girls!!! But it is a different matter when someone throws themself at him. No matter where you turn she is always there, watching, waiting for an opportunity to close in and get her claws into him.

Sassy is monopolising Mark, she is always by him, under him, close to him and more often than not on him!!! Heaven help me if I get close, I get shouted at and told off in no uncertain terms!! ALl the cats love Mark but this is definately a new development and it is quite funny to watch as Sassy has always been a female cat, and has never been keen on men!!!!

Mind you it is that time of year! The feral cat has started visiting again and now we don't have Chimarni, not that she ever liked him, maybe Sassy has decided that Marks the one for her!!!

As we where up so early and there had been quite a heavy frost, we decided to go out for a walk so went up the hill that you often see when I take pics of my garden...

The houses right in the middle of this picture are where we live!


mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely photos Libby but I can't read the text!

I think you may have to change the template!

If you want me to have a go just yell.

allotment lady said...

Beautiful skies and lovely frosty photos - it was the same here!

Been busy all day and still haven't stopped