Thursday, December 07, 2006

We have a leak!!!!

When I got up this morning and went to the bathroom I went squelch! So put on the light and there was a puddle.

Now its not really bad just a little drip, drip but these can cause quite a bit of damage, so phoned the insurance company and the builder who did our roof, 5 years ago! I then emptied the airing cupboard and put it all in Kathryns room......

I just hope she hadn't planned a surprise visit this week end!!!!

So there I was doing major housework (I must be ill!!) and I had just stopped to have some lunch and I heard this thud, thud, thud. Ran round the house trying to see what it was and found this

not exactly where I thought it was. They are not small drips either. So got the bucket and put it in place and blow me don't the roofers turn up. So up they went checked the bathroom then went up and out onto the roof. Slide tiles on and of, checked to see what was dry and what was not and came to the conclusion because they couldn't see anything, that it was probably coming down either round the flue or waste pipe and leaking in. So we now have to wait for a dry day, and the insurance company to get back to me, but the work will probably be done next week!!!

Hows that for service!


Kat's Life At University said...

And u say that i don't tidy my room!!! I always knew the mess in my room wasn't mine!! lol xxxxx

Libbys Blog said...

LOL!!! are you sure????? I can never get in your room when your home!!!!!!!!!