Sunday, December 24, 2006

Please join me!

I will be probably posting again, but I thought it would be great if...........

at 12.00 (GMT) (mid-day) Christmas Day we all joined in a toast to absent friends? This has been a family tradition for all my family as we had many seafarers who where often away at this time of year. So wherever they where in the world all of us family , friends, relatives raised our glasses and joined in the toast.

I will be thinking of you all

Merry Christmas


mrsnesbitt said...

Morning Libby, a great idea.
I always think of mum and dad at this time, I really do miss them.

Life 101 said...

Hey Libby,
This is a good idea. We'll join you but I think we are 6 hours behind you so our toast will probably be with coffee.
I like your blog. You left a comment on my blog so I followed the link back to you.
I read that you have a greenhouse....We've been thinking about a greenhouse for our little farm. We hope to build one this year.