Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Photo a Day and The Pip Challenge 2007

Photo a Day!

On my friend Lotties site, a suggestion was made about taking a photo a day during 2007. Apparently there are lots of blogs that do this and it helps on the days when you have nothing to write about!! I never seem to have a problem about finding something to write about but I thought I might do this anyway. So if you fancy joining in then let me know and I will add a link to your blog here!!

The Pip Challenge

My Nana was always growing all sorts of pips so I thought why not have a go!!!

The Challenge: to produce a beautiful plant from unwanted material!

Don't forget you are dealing with unwanted pips and great as the potential is of the pip to grow, your efforts will be a bit of a gamble as well as a test of skill!

Some suggestions of pips you could use:-

Avocado, Date Palm, Peanuts or Monkey Nuts, Orange, lemon, Grapefruit, Cherry. I'm sure there are loads more to choose from!

So who fancies a go then???


Anonymous said...

Im up for the pip challenge, been thinking about this for a while so want to see what i can actually get to germinate.
Let the challenge begin
From Pilsbury

RUTH said...

Oh Libby; this sounds fun. I'll definitely join the pip challenge. Now all I've got to do is find a pip! and space for one more pot on the windowsill.

Allotment Lady said...

Great idea - I think I will have a go too. just need the right pip

Anonymous said...

I know it is not a pip but try a piece of Ginger Root. They grow and make a beautiful plant.

Libbys Blog said...

Oh good oh!! I'm going to try a few I think, Ginger root sounds fun too!!! Thanks for joining in xxx

crpitt said...

Think i am going to do this, asked my readers on my blog what they thought, avocado sounding good at the mo
ps, found you through ruths blog.