Friday, December 29, 2006

Fine today!!!

What a depressing read yesterday was!!!! I am so sorry, probably put everyone off my blog forever!!!!!! I think it was the shock that Mark had been hit by the shadow!!!! Never in a million years would I have guessed he would have been 'got'!!!

Anyway, on to more cheery things hey!!!

I'm crafting again, Kathryn and I went out yesterday and went round lots of charity shops, she bought more handbags!!!!!! I visited the one and only wool shop open in the area at the moment and bought these ingredients

I'm sorry its not the best picture in the world, but the ingredients are, copper wire, beads, seed beads, bugle beeds and sequins, plus 2 small buttons! Now what do you think I am going to make with these??????

I have also recieved an order for 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, I need to make a new laundry bag for Kathryn to take back to Uni, (I shrunk her last one in the wash!!) and a friend gave me some wheat, so I fancy having a go at some wheat bags!! The ones you warm up in the microwave!! So plenty to keep me occupied in the craft department!

It is that time of year when you start thinking about what you are going to plant in the garden in the new year!! I know some of my pictures of the garden make it look quite big! It is in fact long and thin. But there really isn't a huge amount of room. I have been toying for a while about enquiring about getting an allotment! It would give me the space I quite fancy having, to grow all the fruit and veg we would need, the big disadvantage is the distance I believe I would need to travel to get to and from it! Also my lack of dry, frost free storage that I believe I would need for all the goodies I hoped to grow!! I have one small chest freezer and 2 small front opening freezers, I can always invest in another freezer to go in the shed. But what about storage for onions, garlic, potatoes, squash and I'm sure many other veggies I haven't thought of!!! I had to bring in my garlic and onions as I did have them in the shed but it got too cold, they are currently hung up round the house, shedding onion skins everywhere!
Living in a, nearly 150 year old cottage, there is actually very little storage and definately no garage, I did suggest to Mark that we get planning permission to convert the shed into a brick built building, but to be honest I don't fancy all the muck and stuff coming through the house again! (we have no rear access!!) So any ideas and suggestions gratefully recieved and I will be discussing favourite veggies that you have and I have growen and other veggie garden stuff as we move along into 2007!!!

My good friend Lottie, link on the side, has a friend who came up with what I thought was a good idea, a photo a day for 2007, so I will have a go starting January 1st.

We are also going to try out new craft ideas, maybe trying something new every month, so pop back and see what we get up to!!!


allotment lady said...

Great - a crafty project - how long will I have to wait to see it Libby?

I might want to join in you see.

Is it jewellry? I have wire like that which I use in flower arranging, seed beads from prehistoric times and a few sequins - can you tell me privately? I promise not to steal your thunder or talk about it.

Just want to have a go - no crafty books or books of any kind for at Christmas

mrsnesbitt said...

Libby, I too think the photo a day idea is great!

We could each do one and have a link to each other's blogs.

Cold here too, crafting away! Fun innit!