Saturday, November 04, 2006

Busy little bee today!

First we got up to a fantastic frost, even though we didn't have such a good night.... had to get up to run off some hot water as the Rayburn had gone stupid. Anyway, then Mark and I went out to the do some shopping, came back and went and cleaned out the chickens... they do make me laugh, Lotties quite right when she says its a shame we can't train them to scratch back onto the flower bed instead of off it!!!!!
Mark then decided to take his bike for a ride as it hadn't been used all week, so he went out and whilst he was gone I decided to sort a few cupboards...... now I know you all know my most hated chore is housework, but this had been driving me a bit potty for a while. I have six cupboards under the work tops, and to be honest I haven't sorted them for years. Three of these needed tidying, 1, being my pan cupboard, 2, holds all the animal stuff, 3, jam jars, light bulbs, foil, cling film, etc. So the jam jars are now under the stairs, the animal stuff, lightbulbs and foil stuff are all in one cupboard. My pans I can now get out of the cupboard without everything else falling out too and there is even room for my new soap pan!!! The last cupboard now holds my big mixer, toastie machine and cake tins. What surprised me was how many lightbulbs I had for lamps I no longer own, so they are all in a carrier bag. What on earth am I going to do with them??????
I then cleaned out the fish tank, made some dough for pizza bases, made a cuppa then did ALL the ironing, another much hated, hated chore! So tomorrow apart from cooking the Sunday lunch and seeing Kathryn off, as Mark is taking her back to Worcester I will have time to.............................................................. do what ever I like mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


allotment lady said...

What a great reward and the nice 'afterglow' feeling after achieving something, then having a day to do 'whatever I like'.

I hope thatyou do.

Libbys Blog said...

A bit of this a bit of that, some knitting but to be honest, not felt to good today so fiffed and faffed, but at least I'm not under pressure to do things!!!!!