Friday, November 03, 2006

A Frosty November Morning!

This was the view outside my front door as I waved Mark off this morning!

Kathryn and I went out to lunch at our favourite garden centre and I bought these beautiful pots of flowers...



so 2 brilliant pots for just £1.98 not bad hey! Even Mark can't complain at that!

When I got back home I went down the garden to protect the Gunnera, which as you can see has been hit by the frost

so I chopped off the leaves and took it back to its corm, which has really grown this year

so I have covered it with lots of straw, then a fleece then a plastic cover, should be alright till the spring! As each frost the greenhouse has got colder so I spent the next hour wrapping my tropical plant pots in bubble wrap and drapping fleece over the tree fern fronds, banana and brugmansia. The temp in the Greenhouse last night ,even with one heater on was 3C. Which is fine so far! I just hope we don't have the bad winter that everyone says we will have. The coldest period is usually February, so we will have to wait and see!

The chickens are rearranging the flower beds at the moment

can you see where the flower bed ends and the lawn begins?

and somehow or other they have got round, through, under or over a fence and done this...

this is right next to the pond where we sit in the summer and as you can see its on gravel so it will be a devil of a job to clear up!! Good job they keep producing eggs, otherwise....................

Here is the pond in its winter state, theres a banana wrapped up on the left, I will be very surprised if this survives because it is quite damp there anyway we shall see, behind that on the left you can see where the Gunnera is now covered up, and in the right hand corner where the chickens had got in and scratched about!!!!


Gumbrellsworld said...

wow - that a lovely sunrise! I think you should buy a peacock, that would sort the hens out!! (dont fancy the gardens chances though!!And you only said you had quiche and salad at the garden centre.... no mention of new plants... tut, tut!!!!

Libbys Blog said...

I did only have quiche & salad at the garden centre.... I bought the plants home ha ha ha ha

Allotment Lady said...

Lovely plants - what a bargain - lucky you.

My chooks freerange over the whole garden. The banties do not do any damage - but the big girls love doing exactly what yours do, so I keep a stiff broom handy and sweep up after them each day!

Freezing fog here today and early this evening, so they will need to have a good run around to keep warm tomorrow.

Time to start making my chicken version of warm porridge for them.