Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy, but nothing gets done!!!!

I seem to have been really busy the last 2 days but nothing seems to have got done!!!! Apart from boring house work, blah! I had a go at drying apples in the bottom oven but I don't think they came out right, so I chucked them, I will have to ask Lottie... should they come out lightly browned, slightly leathery on the outside but soft in the middle????????????????????? Then what would I do with them????
But today well I have to get organised because I am going to have a go at making my own soap!!! I have had to buy one or ten things! Its all those ladies on the Potting shed forums fault, they made me buy ' the handmade soap book' by melinda coss. Which I picked up on ebay! My goodness does it have some beautiful ideas aaahhhh! So if you know me, guess what your getting for Christmas, haha joking!
Also in the post I recieved my wool from the yarnyard, which I am really thrilled about the colours are gorgeous, so I need to get started on that as well.
I have been faffing around the rest of the day, so now I need to shift up a gear cos I still have to put the chickens to bed, switch on the heater in the greenhouse, iron some shirts for Mark, cook tea for Tori as she has yoga at 7.30pm, cook tea for Mark when he gets in, take a parcel to my neighbour that was delivered here, do rayburn plus all the other bits I haven't done!!!!!!!!

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Gumbrellsworld said...

Hey Libby - look what I made.............!!!!!!!!!!!!