Sunday, October 29, 2006

When I die I'm coming back as.........

Tango, just look at him, have you ever seen anything like him. He was sound asleep when I took this and didn't budge an inch..........
heres another one.
I think he was like this cos it was so warm in our house last night, we had let the front fire out but it was so mild!!!!

Anyway out in the garden today doing a bit here and there, sun was shining, chickens where wrecking the joint!!

Big Bird struting her stuff, very timid, I think because she is blind in one eye. How I will ever get near her if she needs vasaline on her comb this winter, I will never know!

Babs in the fore ground Bunty behind, these two are so friendly, always under your feet! Hoping for some corn!

This is Bree a barnvelder she is best discribed as 'headless chicken' she gets frantic if anyone approaches and is often seen heading in the opposite direction at about 100 miles an hour! I really hope nothing happens to her because we will have a devil of a job to catch her!

Here they all are together as you can see I have left the lawn (if you could call it that) on the long side..........

The Gunnera, normally would have been wrapped up for winter by now, but as you can see its only just beginning to notice the cooler days and nights.

This is one of my baby banana cuttings I took this spring, doesn't need wrapping just yet but I have everything ready just in case!!!!!

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