Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sassy and Kathryn!

Kathryn arrived home from Uni late last night, and slotted back straight back into the routine, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat!!!!!!

Now for some reason Sassy is acting very oddly, sleeping in the Chimnea!

Getting into plastic bags

and chewing it (see bits all over the floor!)

hiding in it and attacking anyone who passes...........

then she decided she wanted to join the girls in a game of monopoly and is waiting for her money!!!!

then got fed up with everything and decided to lie down and read the paper!!

This is definately not Sassy, she is quite shy and very private, so not at all sure what is going on with her???

1 comment:

Allotment Lady said...

She had probably just got used to the extra attention with Kathryn out of the way, and now that she is back from Uni - she wants some of the attention - or else she is escaping the chatter. LOL