Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!

So what mischief can I get up to that won't strain anything or get Tori into trouble with Mark!!!


Aaaha the greenhouse, needs to be wrapped up for winter, all I have to do is put twiddly bits in grooves amd hold up the bubble wrap with some more twiddly bits simple and it was gorgeous today so got quite warm. So here it is before..................

and now after.............

The greenhouse is right next to the shed, and whilst I was routing around trying to find the bubble wrap, there was a massive cat fight on the roof of the shed, but on the side I couldn't see. When I had nearly finished bubble wrapping the greenhouse, Sassy appeared on top of the water butt, so I assumed it was her!!!

Then went inside for some lunch, it was so gorgeous that we shut the door to the lounge so Chimarnie wouldn't escape and left the back door open...... there we where, enjoying our soup and who should come marching up the garden path, yes you've guessed it 'Chimarni' wearing muddy boots! I only hope to goodness it wasn't him fighting and leaping off a 12ft high shed!!!! We then had to find out how he got out, clever b****r pushed open the small window in the kitchen, which is very stiff and jumped down from there!!! It is now shut and I have opened the velux instead!!!

Decided to do a bit of baking today, so what would you do with this lot then?

I did this.................

an apple cake, Mark will enjoy it, he's definately a pudding/cake man! I can remember when we went to stay with my sister, I think it was before Mark and I married, she always used to make these fantastic pudding especially for him! Spoilt he was, I'm sure everyone was surprised that I had got such a lovely fella and they wanted to make sure he stayed.... tee hee!!!!!

I was hoping I would be feeling a bit tired but I'm not, so all that I can do now really is tea and some knitting!!!!

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mrsnesbitt said...

Cake sounds fantastic!