Monday, October 23, 2006

Chimarnie is Home!!!!

I got a call from the vet before 9am this morning, who introduced herself and then 'ermmmed' for about 20 seconds. My heart went into my mouth because I thought she was going to say he had popped his clogs! But thankfully no, very bright, friendly wanting lots of attention and could we go and get him!!!!!!

So home he came, straight out of the basket and straight to the cat flap, to see if he could get out

but I had locked it so you couldn't get out but you could get in, so what did he do, banged, scratched and hooked the draft excluder round the flap to get it open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it is now locked both ways!!!!!!!!!

No hello, I have missed you or anything like that. He's checked all the rooms, run up and down the stairs like a spring chicken and is very restless. He found the litter tray and eventually used it much to his disgust!!! Is not impressed with the chicken/fish and rice I have given him.

Anyway I have boxes strategically placed at his favourite places so he doesn't have to jump up, he can step up.... so what does he do.........

Jumps onto a chair he never sleeps on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But he did stop in front of the fire for 5 seconds........

before he was off again................... so I have left him to it!! I only wish my recovery had been as quick as his!!!!

Oh and by the way look at how much this has grown

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