Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Frost tonight? possibly??

Well wasn't it good job I wrapped up the greenhouse the other day. According to the weather forecast theres a good chance of a ground frost tonight, so Mark helped me get all the important plants into the greenhouse. I haven't put the heaters in yet, cos I don't think I'll need them.

This is the Greenhouse with the plants in

and we still have too get this banana
and this Brugmansia, which is still flowering its little heart out, in! I think its going to be a very tight squeeze!!!

The news on Chimarnie is not so good, I'm afraid, the lump was definately cancer, apparently we have 3 options:- 1. do nothing and let him enjoy what time he has; 2. Steroid tablets which may slow the cancer down; 3. Chemeotherapy, where he has to go to the vets one day a week (indefinately) for 24 hours then once home he would not be allowed outside for a further 24 hours!!! For a young cat there is about a 50% success rate, for Chimarnie now about 14, it may give him a year but they can't be certain! MMmmmm some thought needed I think!

At night because Chimarnie is still not allowed out, Sassy and Tango sleep in the kitchen with the cat flap open, I'm not sure they realise it is actually open, because when I came down this morning and let them in I was very thoroughly told off. Here they are sleeping their night on the tiles, off!!

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