Sunday, November 05, 2006

Evening Sky

I have been out again with my camera, I love the sky at this time of year especailly in the early morning and again in the evening!

I took this one hanging out of the velux window in the attic at about 16.45, this is looking northwesterly. and this is out of the other window in the attic I am looking south westerly!

This one was taken from the same window at 17.10. Aren't the colours magnificent. I think what I like best is if I go and take another picture another night the colours will change again!

You couldn't see your hand in front of your face this morning because the fog was so thick. Kathryn was out with her friends last night and she had to drive back through it. Her first time in thick fog, she said it was quite scary! Now I'm not sure which is more scary driving in fog or this............................

Kathryn in her halloween outfit ready for a night out in Bristol!

Anyway she has returned to Uni today, she seems to have had a good mix of socialising and catching up with her friends here, as well as doing her Uni work! She was saying to me how much she enjoys her time at Uni and only realises how much she misses home when she got back here! Funnily enough I can understand that! Only about 7 weeks till she is home again!

Chimarni is currently eating us out of house and home and he hasn't even started the medication that will make him hungrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is him in the sit position which he will do on command especially when he's hungry!

and here he is sunning himself ontop of the coal bunkers!

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allotment lady said...

Wonderful photos I have been looking at 'sky' photos on lots of blogs and in different countries - just great