Saturday, November 11, 2006

B****y Rayburn!!*$#

16 years we have had the Rayburn and we have never had so much trouble with it as we are this year! I wouldn't mind if it was never serviced, but it is swept and serviced every year as I am fanatical about having a fire in the centre of the house.
Normally we go through one coal bucket of anthracite a day, but since we lit, we are shoving on 2 buckets, I can't seem to get a steady temperature, its either raging or its out?!?!

This morning I found this

the back fire brick has dropped down? The top of it should be in line with the bricks on the left. But how does a firebrick that is sat on a substantial ledge and held in place at the top with a lip, drop down?????? The only thing that ever touches it are the flames????? How long has it been like this? Am I that daft that I didn't notice? So yet again we have had to let it out long enough for the brick to cool down so I can get it out and see whats happened to the ledge, then put it back in and re-lit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After cleaning the eglu out this morning, I was sat on the bench and I got some beautiful pics of 'Bree' our Barnvelder

hasn't she got the most beautiful markings and colourings, its a shame she is so frightened of us!

Oh! and I'm sorry if some of you don't like the idea of a countdown to Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I have been out and bought a twinkly outdoor christmas tree, I decorate the outside of my house and I have been after an outdoor Christmas tree for years and at long last I bought one! Apparently my sister has bought all her Christmas presents, which rather concerns me because it is usually the other way round and I have them all and she has none! So I had better get organised! Oh! I have just remembered this will be the first Christmas for years that I won't be spending with my sister, we have always taken it in turns one Christmas everyone goes to her next everyone to me! We just can't do it this year so it will be very strange.... watch the phone bill go up!!!!!!!!

Right off to do some knitting, catch you all later!!!!!


allotment lady said...

You can't beat a real fire - but they can be so temperamental!

Great photos

Libbys Blog said...

Annoyingly enoughm it has only been tempremental this year though!!!!

Gumbrellsworld said...

Libby - that Chrismas counter is a bit much!!!!!!

Kathryn Woodlands said...

Well i think the christmas counter is ace!! but my new home page is even better >>>>

Kathryn Woodlands said...

i can' comment on aunty calls log :( *sniff*