Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lots of things!

Well what have I been up to recently.......................................................

Monday I blitzed the house and even managed to find the floor of my bedroom!!!!! Our room is in the huge attic, on the 2nd floor, so no one, apart from us goes up there, which is why it is often left and left and left!!! We had a bit of a night with Tori as she had a Maths exam on Tuesday and she gave Mark and I terrible grief during the evening, unbelieveable!

Tuesday was one of those days when I had lots of little things that needed doing, so charged round like a 'whurlitzer'. By the end of the day when I looked back to see what had been achieved it looked like nothing, as they where all little insignificant bits! Mind you I did get my hair cut! The other big surprise was my young friend Tori, I think she realised how awful she had been the day before and decided to pay us back. Mark and I where having stirfry, not one of Tori's favourites, so she cooked herself Macaroni Cheese, not the most challenging recipe but for her it is one BIG achievement. She also cleared all the plates away without even being asked too!! I had to sit down for the rest of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have all the ingredients for my soapmaking challenge, both Lottie (Allotment Lady, blog on the left) and I are going to make on the same day, I'm actually quite excited about it and am not sure if I can hold of till next week when we both have a free day!!!!!!!!

So to keep me occupied I thought I would make CHRISTMAS CAKES and MINCEMEAT. I have to make 3, well actually it maybe 4 this year! One for us, one for Marks birthday in January, one as a present for Christmas and then I remembered that my sister and I where doing a hamper for Mum and Bruce for Christmas, I thought they might enjoy a small one, so thats the four! So wrote my shopping list, took Tori to school and then was going to go on and do the shopping, except getting into Chippenham at the moment is a nightmare, they have dug up the highstreet so I thought never mind I'll go to Devizes for a change.......................... ended up at Morrisons and guess what ........................................................................ NO dried fruit. Yep! NO DRIED FRUIT, I got everything else but not one currant, raisin or sultana, as a certain person says 'I dooo not believe it'!

So when I pick Tori up at 15.00 I will wend my way into Chippenham and try there... should have gone ther in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really need to go outside to get fresh air, because I have all the doors and windows wide open, its still sooooooo mild. Anyway deciding I needed the excercise I went down the garden to clean out the chickens, on the way down I nearly killed myself by slipping on the path where the chickens have been so out came the watering can and stiff broom for the path and the rake for the beds and grass, so the path amd the flowerbed went from this......

to this................

thats better now for the eglu..... the chickens are very good about bedtime and round about 17.00 hrs take themselves off to bed, I usually go and close up the Eglu about 18.00hrs. then open it in the morning between 07.00 and 07.30. So they spend a long time in the coop compared to the summer. This is what it looks like today bearing in mind it was cleaned out on Saturday

As you can see they have a favourite corner, it was funny to watch them take themselves to bed in the summer, Big Bird always goes in about 30 mins before everyone else, I think its so she can bags the best spot. Then later everyone else piles in, but they all stand on top of one another especially during the dark nights which is funny to see when you look in the egg hatch you can see abit of one, a tail of another, a head of another etc. Then when I close the door, you hear all this shuffling and clucks and oofs and gerroff and when you next open the egg hatch there in a nice neat line! Cracks me up!!!
Here it is all nice and clean takes less than 10 mins and all the poos go straight on my empty veg patch......

I'm glad I forgot to mow the lawn, I think if it was short it would look alot worse than this!!

I was just finishing this off and went to check the Rayburn, its gone out again!!!!!!!! Thats twice in 2 days. I must admit this coal is not burning as well as last years, we seem to be going through one heck of alot. Last year was quite hard coal and took a long time to burn through, this year its wooosh and then its gone. When we ordered, the coal merchant we used gets 'Welsh' coal not like the other local merchants who use 'Polish' imported coal. At least ours has less miles to travel!!! Only wish it would last longer!!!!!!!

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Allotment Lady said...

Looking good - have you made yet another run or just modified it?

I am using two buckets of Aubiose every other day in the big pen - 20ft x 15ft ish, but it does the trick and the rain doesn't make it slushy as I thought it might.