Friday, November 14, 2008

Medlar Jelly

If you guessed Medlar to yesterdays picture you would be right!

I got 8lbs of them from a Freecycler so yesterday and today I have been busy. I took loads of pics as I was making it but for some unknown reason my camera has decided not to work with all of them (bizarre) so I'm afraid you will have to do with what I have left!

First wash all the Medlars you don't need to weigh them, just quarter them and pop them in a pan. Cover them with water, but not so much that they are floating.

Boil until they are soft, mine boiled for one and half hours.

These are the pics that are missing...
set up a jelly strainer over a container and spoon all the Medlars, juice and everything into the jelly bag and leave overnight. Do not squeeze just lift clear in the morning and then measure the liquid back into your pan.

For every pint of liquid add 1lb sugar and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Then boil until setting point is reached.

Only skim off the scum once setting point has been reached otherwise you waste the jelly. Pour into sterilized jars.

This is the best bit

just look at the colour, how do manky looking fruit produce this?

I think I would like curtains this colour! I digress, this jelly is good with all cooked meats, well thats what I eat it with, it is extremely yummy! So if you know of a medlar tree give it a go, just four ingredients, Medlars, Sugar, Lemon Juice and Water.

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