Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting & Crocheting with a Difference

I was pretty bushed after yesterday's drive so after going out this morning and doing everything I had too, I came back and fiddled!
I have been trying a bit of jewellery making and I adore the effect that knitting and crocheting wire creates. The end results are very delicate. Please excuse the old and wrinkly hand as neither of my daughters where about to use as hand models!! I also use an old card table with a green baize top which has seen better days, but I can use it by the computer where the better light is!

I thought I would have a go at a ring

first you do a few chain and some single crochets,

looks a right mess! Then you do some more

until its long enough to go round your finger

pull prod, squash and pinch until your happy with the shape and then join up to make a ring!

this actually makes a nice thumb ring, but couldn't get a good enough pic. I then decided to add some beads to the next one.

Ta da!

The bracelets I have been making for awhile now, I do like them.

I have been trying out something with this, but I may tell you about that another day!


PG said...

Don't you dare apologise for your lovely, talented hands!!!! They are the maps of your life. And they make such beautiful jewellery. (I haven't seen one of those french knitting things for years!)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Those beads to the trick! Love that gorgeous bracelet you've made, very stylish.

Cheryl said...

I to have wrinkly hands....would not want it any other way.....they are the hands of a gardener who does not wear gloves and likes to get dirty.....

I love the ring clever....I am hopeless at anything like this, so really admire anyone who can make such beautiful pieces........

Auntie Noo said...


Anonymous said...

hi you did a lovely job. i've been crocheting wire for 13 years and can tell what a good job you are doing.
if you would like to see some additional ideas..they would be starting points for you, come to

if i can ever help in any way just give a shout. i'm around.
pat moses-caudel

Chris said...

Great bracelets, Libby. Also something to do these dark nights :-)