Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why is it that 'tuxedo' cats can have a really evil look?

Jake is such a sweetie and adores T. He is calming down alot now and eats downstairs, the litterbox is also downstairs by the door, which he uses with regularity then goes outside!!!!!!
The really good news is this

his tail, its got hair on it again. When he first came to us it was bald and he chewed it to pieces. Now he hardly ever has a go at it!

Now lets see how clever you all are, any idea what this is?

Well I shall tell you tomorrow and what I will be doing with it!


Cheryl said...

Hi Libby....Jake is obviously very content being with you and your family......surely only stressed animals chew their tails??

I know that funny fruit...but the brain cells are not what they used to be.....I will come back if I remember.......

mrsnesbitt said...

I know what the fruit is, I saw Hugh using it last it a medlar?

Lottie said...

Yes it is a medlar - and HFW and friends had a great time with them didn't they - did you eat one just cooked as they did?