Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Christening!

My friends daughter Megan Michelle was christened today in St Marys Church, Calne. It was a job lot.. 3 christenings in one go. I do not mean to be offensive but when vicars get shall we say a visiting congregation... don't they go on!!!!!

Prior to this I had been down the garden, working my little heart out, when I came up with a stunning idea about where to put the new greenhouse, so simple really.......... as suggested by Mark, put it on the right as you enter the veg garden but............... instead of losing half the raised bed move the bench down to under the apple tree and extend the veg patch to where the bench used to be!!!! Basically just move everything down 4ft on the right!!! Although under the appletree is more exposed it is actually alot shadier in the summer so probably more pleasant to sit and drink a coffee/tea etc, it will also be opposite where I plan to construct the new, new chicken run, it will also give me a view of the bottom part of the garden where the pond and flowers are as well as the veg patch and chickens!! Simple, why didn't I think of it earlier!

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