Monday, October 09, 2006

Down the garden path again!

Let the chickens out for a troll round the garden and look what they did! Messy egg layers!!

Then thought I could show you where I planned to put the new greenhouse, it is only going to be a small one 6 x 4 and no heaters are planned.

Basically it will be just this side of the trellis, move the bench and slabs, bring the raised bed down to where the bench is in the pic! Then move the bench here!

need to do some trimming back, but put the bench under my neighbours apple tree, just behind the galvanised chicken feeder full of plants on the left. Where the canes on the right are, will be where the edge of the new chicken run will come out to, hopefully roofed well protected from the elements.

The greenhouse, all cleaned and ready for its bubblewrap undercoat! Followed by a picture of my huge banana that is now planted outand producing babies left right and centre, this will need 3 -4 stakes around it wrap with fleece stuffed with straw and a hat to stop any water getting in the crown which would make it rot, but they are relatively hardy to -5

My tree fern is one of the plants that will get tucked up in the greenhouse this winter!

Moulin Rouge Party at Worcester Uni

Just had an amusing conversation with Kathryn on 'skype'. Her halls had a 'Moulin Rouge party' on Saturday, so thought I would post a pic!
This is Kathryn with Jenny (warden).

and this was some of the entertainment!!!! Apparently the lap dances where hysterical and nobody had the 'full monty' but I hate to think what the terms and conditions would have been!!!!

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Kathryn Woodlands said...

It was in wyvern halls and most of the people were from sweden or finland it was well fun!!