Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All Sorts!

We left home at 9am it took us 44 minutes just to get through Chippenham, 44 minutes and there didn't seem to be any reason except traffic!!! Anyway we made it to Bath for 10.25 appointment with 10 minutes to spare, passing the Bath Rugby Training Ground and they where all there,training away, unfortunately for me the traffic at that time was not going slowly so I didn't get a good look:) Anyway Tori is done and dusted at the ortodontist, they are very pleased with her and said what magnificent teeth she has (all the better to eat you with!!).

So now what.................. what to put on the blog, uummm, so took a wander down my garden to see the chickens, who decided to only lay 1 egg today, 4 chickens and only one egg hhrumph! Can you tell I'm not in a good mood!!!

I found Autumn is on the way!

I don't think I have ever seen so many berries on the Pyracantha. In the front I have a Cotoneaster which is also smoothered in berries, alot more than usual. When I visited my sister in East Sussex just over a week ago we went out for a walk and the holly trees where also covered in berries. So are we in for a hard winter???? I wonder!

I don't suppose many people have one of these

I can't believe this Brugmansia, I have recorded 5C a couple of times on the patio at night and look its still flowering and more buds coming, it still has the most magnificent scent! I don't know how I will fit it in the greenhouse this year, it has got so big, probably have to dig a hole!!!!!!!!!!!


any ideas what this is? I had forgotton how late this plant flowered, this is just one of the buds, I will take pics over the next week and we can watch it unfurl. I might even tell you what the plant is, if you haven't guessed by then!!

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lottie the allotment lady said...

I just love Fatsia Japonica - one of my favourites for flower arranging.

The flowers are a bit of a let down don't you think?