Thursday, October 12, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

What another lovely day, I had to go out and buy some chicken for Chimarnie, as he keeps being ill everywhere. The vet wanted him back in for an exploritory op to see if there was a problem but I am very reluctant too, as he is an old chap now, so spoke to my neighbours who own a pet shop and we will try a week on chicken before we go back to the vets!!!

Came back and hung out 2 loads of washing , then cleaned out the chucks (2 eggs today). Then just general tidying around the vegetable patch. Did I tell you how disappointed I was with my sweetcorn, it grew magnificently about 7ft tall. A couple of cobs on each plant, they looked wonderful, when I picked them, but once cooked they where hard as the hobs of hell!!!! Mind you the chickens enjoyed them!!!!

So during my tidying I ended up with these

I thought now what can I do with these, then it came to me..... I am fortunate in having alot of ivy growing around my garden, so bugs and insects do have hotels to stay in, but I thought I would create a 5* hotel

just need somewhere to put them any idea?

Here is my nice tidy vegetable patch. I gave it a good digging over, I was really surprised how many worms I had so that has got to be good! I now empty the tray from under the chickens onto the veg patch twice a week, I must ask Lottie if I can put this on all of the beds as I'm sure there are some vegetables who don't like freshly manured ground. I was reading her website (link on the left) and she has loads growing still, puts mine to shame! But it is my first year! I had no idea that the late salad crops that Lottie is growing could be done outside I thought they needed to be in a greenhouse, unfortunately I can't spare the room in the greenhouse at the moment. So I will have to have a go at those next year, cos I really like fresh salad. Anyway I still have some chard, leeks and 2 parsnips!! Oh yes and at the end of the right hand bed are some alpine strawberries which are fruiting again and a small butternut squash!

I really need to hit the bottom flower bed it needs serious re-development, so I might have a go at that next week. I have a number of plants that need moving, to make way for the covered chicken run and also ones that have out grown their space. Mark is off over half term so I think then would be the ideal time to construct the run. I had better get a move on then hadn't I!!!

I have actually taken the pic from the side so you get a better view!

PS I may not post for a few days as I have to go into hospital for a minor op tomorrow (Fri) should be out either late tomorrow or Saturday depending on what they do??

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lottie the allotment lady said...

Firstly - good luck - and wishing you a very speedy recovery.

You veggie patch is brilliant - fantastic - and in your back garden too!

Root vegetables do not like freshly manured ground - especially carrots.

Watch putting on 'neat' on flower beds with young spring growth or it could burn the emerging plants.

Mine always has quite a bit of Aubiose in it. so I don't worry too much -except for the root veggies.

Off to bed - had a tiring day.

best wishes