Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beautiful sunny day!

Spent most of the day in the garden and forgot the camera!! Cleaned out the chickens who had a great wander round the garden. Mark started to sort out the shed... well straighten it up cos he doesn't throw stuff away!!!! I decided to clear out the greenhouse and give it a 'jetwash' ready to bubble wrap it and pop the heaters in ready for my tropical plants. I have 20 tropical plants to put to bed this winter and to be honest I'm not sure they are going to fit!!! We are still talking about where to put another greenhouse, it would have to be a small one 6 X 4 and where we had planned to put it is where we are moving the chickens too as we are not happy where we have them, too soggy!!
So wandering round the garden with cup of coffee in hand , and currently the only place for it to go is................... up in the veg patch and it would mean losing half a raised bed mmmmm not sure I'm happy with this but not sure what else to do. If you take a look at 'My garden 04/09/06' on the second pic the veg patch on the right would be the one I lose.... well half of it anyway, but if I lost the bench at the end of that bed maybe it could fit there!!! Mark said I could put another bed under the apple tree, but this is very exposed and recieves very little sun because of the leaf canopy, apart from the fact it would be bombed by apples!


mrsnesbittherself said...

You paint a lovely picture.

Hoping for the sunshine to be in abundance today as we get the motorbike out!


lottie the allotment lady said...

It is great to wander around your garden with you and your cup of coffee, planning a new spot for the greenhouse.

You describe it so well that I don't need photos.

I wondered how all your tropical plants survived the winter. Tucked up warm in a heated greenhouse not less.

What luxury.

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you for looking, its so lovely to have your comments.