Monday, October 02, 2006

Lovely Sunny Day!

Considering the weather forecast said rain, rain and more rain, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this afternoons sunshine, and even managed to get 2 loads of washing dry! Just the ironing to do now!!!

I thought I ought to go and tidy up the outdoor tomato plants as they had been rather battered by the rain over the weekend. I had grown one each of Gardeners Delight, Sungold and Roma (a plum tom). Planted late 2 Alicanti. Plus an outdoor pepper. In the green house was also a Sungold, Gardeners delight and a plum, plus aubergine, chillies and peppers!
So look what I got....................

The chilli's I deseed and freeze. I suppose I could make Green Tomato chutney, but having never made it or eaten it I'm really not sure if I even like it!!!!! I must admit I do like my chutneys spicy, think I will troll round my favourite forums amd see if I can pick up amy ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello big sister!! be round for some of those chillies!!!! I have amde the butternut squash soup - it is scrummy!!!

Lottie the Allotment Lady said...

What a fantastic harvest - I wish I had a greenhouse.