Friday, February 08, 2008

Still being Good!!!!!!!!

After a bit of a crisis this morning, where the dishwasher had finished its cycle and the washing machine was on the rinse cycle, but water was pouring out from under the dishwasher!! As you know I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting but had to pull out the dishwasher to see where the water was coming from, then pull out the loaded washing machine to turn off the water! Phoned my lovely washingmachine/dishwasher repair man who bless him will fit me in at the end of today!!! Problem sorted! Till the bill?

Look, can you see?


Oh it is lovely, I have even walked up to the post box this morning wearing a t-shirt and light fleece and jogging bottoms!! It was glorious!

If you haven't visited Yolandas Blogthen do pop over and take a peek, her Potager is what I hope to achieve here. Every time she does a garden tour, I come away with a new idea or inspiration to try something else! Brilliant!

But whilst confined to 'light work' I have started off some of my tropical seeds I recieved in a swap!
First they had to be soaked

then popped in a tupperware box with vermiculite

and put somewhere toasty!

Well the best place for that is my airing cupboard, whilst the Rayburn is lit! The silver tube is the flue and this airing cupboard does get exceptionally warm. In fact when we first had it fitted I was worried about 'internal combustion' having seen this happen on board my Dads cargo ship, I was very aware how easy it could happen! But we have lived with this set up for 18 years now and we all still seem to be alive, but I do check my smoke detectors reguarly!!!!

I promised you a list of what I planned to grow in the veg patch or should I call it a 'Potager'?
Beetroot, Carrots, Courgettes, Cucumber (baby ones), Garlic (already in), Salad leaves, I do like the pick and come again type! Onions, Spring Onions, Parsnip, Peppers, Peas, I grew these last year and was extremely happy with the way they went, upwards!!!! Gem Squash, I was pleasantly surprised with these, my hubbys old favourite from the days in the 'bundoo'! I will definately plant more this year!! Tomatoes, lots of different types now I have 2 greenhouses, Potatoes in potato bags, they did not work for me in the ground last year, I like runner beans hubby says they are stringy, but I think that is only if they are left too long on the plant,so I shall sneak a few of these in and try and change his mind! Sweetcorn, they will share the bed with the gem squash, Finally Aubergines, I have not tried these before, but with all the space I have now in my greenhouses I thought why not! I would like to grow brocolli and Brussel Sprouts and Curly Kale, but when I tried last year the Cabbage Whites had a feild day and there was not enough left for us! So unless I can come up with a brilliant idea to grow them under this won't be happening!
Have I left anything out?

Now in the flower bed by the side of my newly named potager I planted a great many Aliums last autumn,plus Hellabores, Ligulara, primrose and daffodils.

but a bit further down I had my alpine strawberries

which really didn't work as they where difficult to get to, to pick, so they will be moved and I will have all this space to plant more flowers. I will have sunflowers and Foxgloves, crocus and Hollyhocks with underplanting of greenery thingys!!!

Here are pots of tulips

just popping through the pansys and violas, as shown to me by Yolanda.

Because my beds are on the small side I actually potted my 'Box' in pots but I think they would probably do better in the beds something I will consider.

I am still compiling my Jungle Seeds list, so that will come another day!

Finally, I am thrilled with my window box at the front,

I think I showed you earlier the crocus that where coming through, well just look at them now! Daffodils coming up as well as tulips

popping there heads out.
But best of all I think it looks great against my front door!

Quite inspired me to plant pots of daffodils and tulips to put either side of my door next spring!


Vallen said...

I love rambling through your garden - such a lovey place. It just gets more and more beautiful. I've never known anyone to grow eggplant. I can't wait to see how those do.

Sheila said...

Oh you lucky duck..!
We are under a ton of snow, and my 2 year old cedar hedge that was doing so well is flattened beneath it. When I need a taste of spring, I shall be dropping by here Libby, to take a look..
Big hugs and I hope you are still feeling good..?

PG said...

Hasn't it been the most glorious day? Your busy plans remind me that time is getting on and seeds must be planted - I tried aubergines, but without a green house they weren't much really - just one or two small eggsized things.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Whata great post.... things are actually GREEN and GROWING. All I can see out fo my window this morning is SNOW! And sunshine, so it's not all bad!
My first grandchild is about to be born in the next day or two so keep checking for pics cos you know I'm gonna post HUNDREDS!!!!

Joanna said...

Its lovely to see all that your growing, I had a look down your list and compared it to mine. K is trying to orgainise me with a big spread sheet for the veggie patch. I'm affraid I sprayed by curlykale and brocali which I'm very ashamed of, but I really like eating them and I have tried picking the catapillers of and I just can't keep up with it. K is doing a huge potatoe experiemnt, I must post pictures. We have about 12 different variaties sitting in the shed. Love your airing cupboard with the flue in it, I wish we had a solid metal flue so we could of opened up the chimney, there is no room in my airing cupboard for anything but a hot water tank