Thursday, February 07, 2008

Being a Good Girl!!!

Spring is springing and I'm raring to go, well not really. In the head I am planning this, planning that, but my body is saying in no uncertain circumstances 'NO'! So I have just spent a pleasant time reading through this time last years entries on my blog!
I was organised, with various seeds planted, onions in trays etc, etc. So what are my plans for this year?

Well the view from my backdoor hasn't changed too much, I never did jetwash the slabs last year, but I will not forget this year! The thing that looks like a bandaged finger giving a rude sign is my bananas, I was told that I had no need to wrap it at all, but I wasn't brave enough! The Tree ferns on the right are still in leaf and have had no protection except for fleece pushed into there crown!

The water butt is in and overflowing

but very well disguised by the poor caster oil plant which seems to have survived remarkably well considering how brutal I was with it last year!!! I will sprinkle chicken pellets around its trunk this year, hopefully that will give it a boost!

The Cordyline is looking exceptionally well and I think that is probably because it has been sheltered behind my Bay Bush! It really needs to go in the ground this year.

As does my Trachycarpus, we repotted it last year and to be honest we can hardly move it so I think Easter time will see it going in the ground. The only thing about planting both of these in, is being certain you have them in the right place!!

As to the rest of the garden, well! The gravel works, to a certain extent 'but' and its a big 'but' its all green and yukky and not cream and pristine!!!!!! In an ideal world I would have brick paviors....
these are the ones I really like but at £16.99 per m2 could be a dream

these I could probably afford £10.99 per m2

at least I could brush or jetwash the whole path instead of just a row of pathing slabs down the middle!Maybe they should match the patio and be grey instead like these.....

Couldn't be that difficult to lay could they?????????

Onwards down the garden to near the chicken run

Its a right mess here too, the patch of mud on the right is growing, this is where I let the chooks out for a scratch, if I can rest my run for the summer I intend to put a raised triangular bed in here and move my alpine strawberry plants which are in totally the wrong place at the mo!!!

The chooks, alot happier now we have dealt with the rat and we reguarly get 2 eggs a day but recently 3 a day!
Now my favourite spot

We had to move the heron back as he kept doing nose dives into the pond to catch the fish, I was worried he would pierce the liner! We have a new box for the pond, it has a UVlight and everything, so hopefully should help stop blanket weed (yeh! right!)we should have fitted it last year but basically ran out of time, what with the greenhouse and everything!

my patio waiting for some care and attention. I do love the colour so much that I might actually get rid of the climber as its a right pain to train, any ideas what I should do then???
Tomorrow I will tell you about what I plan to grow in the veg, flower and tropical gardens at the Woodlands Home!!


Auntie Noo said...

Have you tried looking for re-cycled engineering bricks for your patio - I got some when I moved here (although the patio is STILL only half finished! and they look great 'cos they are already a bit worn and immediately look like they've been there forever. Might be worth a try?

Ex-Shammickite said...

Libby, your garden is looking terrific! Spring is on the way in UK. We had another big snowstorm yesterday so my back yard is under about 2 feet of snow. We built a patio a couple of years ago out of old bricks and concrete.... saw a couple of skids of solid red bricks for sale for $100 at the end of someone's driveway and bought them ... they make a great patio... perhaps you could use old bricks for your pathway edges.

Mark said...

I love this time of year, clearing everything up, making plans what you are going to do in antisipation of Spring...not long now.

Cheers Mark

RUTH said...

Great to catch up with you and the garden. Hope you're fully recovered from the op now

Allotment Lady said...

All those wonderful seeds - and yes - this time of year is great isn't it to sit and plan and daydream - and before you know it - it is all systems go!

I still can't get over how very long your wonderful garden is - its magical - and with two greenhouses this year - you will be in seventh heaven.


Chris said...

Good luck with the UV light, we have one and so far it has been successful (should I say that!) You have so many plans for your garden, you will certainly be busy. Take it easy :-)