Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lovely Day!

I had a lovely day yesterday, lots of nice things arrived in the post and by delivery.
Firstly the post came and I had two small parcels the first full of seed from a friend on the Hardy Tropicals Forum, I had sent her a cutting of a Brugmansia so she had very kindly sent me a selection of seeds to try! Hmmm could be interesting!

Then Teresa @ Christmas in Progerss sent me a little parcel with some goodies in to make. Now I know you may think me daft joining this group but I must admit I was really well organised last year and in fact practically had my feet up from the middle of November!!! Definately recommended!

Then a knock at the door in the afternoon and a man stood holding these

Then later still my friend came round with these

and later still we ate,what ever this was supposed to be????

The flowers where from my mum in my most favourite colours

The roses are a most lovely dusky pink and the gerberas are the deepest fuschia pink and the lilies scent is amazing. I think this has been one of the bestest bouquets I have ever recieved!
As for the dolop in the pan this is the person responsible

and I can assure you they did get better!


A wildlife gardener said...

The flowers are my favourite colours too, Libby...fabulous bouquet!

I can't wait to see the fruition of your packets of seeds. As I keep telling you, I find your garden fascinating because I don't grow any of your jungle plants.

Fancy a pancake...looks scrumptious to me..slurp, slurp :)

Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt said...

Love the colour of the flowers Auntie Libby!
Hope you are having a good time, resting!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a gorgeous bouquet and you know that is my favourite colour too, don't you? Wish I could smell the Lilies!

That bouquet of spring flowers is lovely too, now you have a bit of spring inside and out.

Happy sowing, I hope they all come up!

BTW how were the pancakes? :-)