Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Lovely Week!

I have had such a lovely week, hence no blogging! Hubby has been off work and the four of us have had such a blast! I haven't laughed so much in ages. I am totally pooped though and hadn't realised how worn out I could get. We have shopped, eaten, watched films, talked, laughed and laughed some more. Not much work has been done so the greenhouse is still scattered all over the garden!
K is off to Worcs with hubby today to collect her keys and take some stuff up, when she comes back she is bringing her BF. So thats some muscle we will be using, he has been warned!!!!
As an incentive for good GCSE results, to both the girls, we offered financial reward for each grade achieved. So on Wednesday after T had enrolled at college, she went clothes shopping with K and was not looking forward to it!!!! She had quite a sum of money and I met up with them at Blue Banana a favourite shop of T's. She was looking at a long black coat, I persuaded her to try on the full length leather coat, which she did then she saw the price!!!! It is something she has always wanted to own, I said the money was given to her as a reward for all the hard work she had put in and she was not likely to have this sort of money to buy this again!! She came back with loads and loads and the full length leather coat and a massive smile on her face.
She met up with a friend yesterday and when we picked her up she had been shopping again and had a lovely choker, just so her!
I am watching a butterfly emerge, she is developing her own style, K showed her how to put make up on, but yesterday she had put it on in a totally different way, wow! is this girl my daughter? Lock up your sons!


Allotment Lady said...

Sounds like Tori is definitely blossoming into a confident and beautiful woman, who knows what she wants and had her own individual tastes rather than following the 'fashion' which I think is wonderful.

I can see that she will go far - best remortgage your house for the incentive scheme LOL

So glad to read that you had a wonderful family week - and there is nothing like laughter to make you feel better about all things - healthwise and other worries.

Hope the antibiotics have done their job and when you get the 'muscles' boyfriend to help - that your greenhouse with go up in a day

Have a good weekend and so wonderful to know that you are feeling better.

And there's more to life than blogging or visiting blogs - its good that you are 'out' there enjoying it. Plenty of time when we are stuck indoors in the winter for indoor things.

Right - I am off - fed my chickens now off to clean them out and have visitors for the weekend

smilnsigh said...

Sounds like the best kind of week!

And I love what you told us, about T. Love it!


Annie said...

There's always a special joy at watching our baby girl turn into a woman. Just like a butterfly, as you said.

Keep laughing - and I'll laugh over here along with you.

Anonymous said...

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photowannabe said...

Libby, so happy to hear the joy in your words. Laughter is a wonderful healer. Enjoy every minute of it.

mrsnesbitt said...

Family time is the best there is!

RUTH said...

So wonderful to read you've had a good week. It comes as a bit of a shock when you realise how quickly our girls grow up...I have the smae thing with my grandaughters now...I'm sure I wasn't as much a "WOMAN" when I was a teenager :o)