Sunday, September 02, 2007

Nearly 9000!

Don't forget if you are closest to 9000 leave a quick comment in the chat box and what number you are and I shall post a peg doll to you!

Hubby took T out for a bike ride the other day, she does so enjoy it and over the last 6 months has not had the opportunity to go. So they went to Salisbury and got some beautiful pictures of the Cathedral.

My chooks are misbehaving, well not actually being naughty just not laying, I have four and am currently getting 1 egg a day, if that!!! They seem happy are eating there greens and pellets and mixed corn, get there grit. Then I was told "compare their combs, as layers are vivid red non layers are pale. Also compare the colour of the scales on their legs. Dark yellow good, pale cream bad."
I got quite excited about this, thinking it could solve all my problems until I had a look, so I took photos to show you

This is Bunty, I believe the only layer at the moment as I went down to take the pick she had just come out and a nice warm egg was waiting for me

Babs was also a good layer but currently I'm not sure

Big Bird, now I believe this lady has not laid eggs for a while, she is blind in her right eye

and as for Bree, well to be honest there is no hope for this bird, she is totally off her head. A typical 'Bird Brain' you approach with a handful of mixed corn, everyone comes running except her, she charges off in the opposite direction screaming for her life!!! I suspect this little lady is responsible for the occasional 'soft shelled eggs' we used to get. I was lucky to get this pic!!!

so there they are, to me they all have good red combs,not one of them has pale yellow legs!!!????? Help!!!!

The bottom of the garden is being dug up again!!!! (Not by me I hasten to add) Ready to house the greenhouse. Bearing in mind I only did this at the beginning of the year can you see the size of the suckers running from left to right!

These have grown since I first did it earlier in the year and are actually giving me cause for concern, as I don't know where they are coming from! I'm not sure weed membrane will help stop these coming up in the middle of the greenhouse!!

Finally some flowers

and some plums, given to me by my neighbour, which I shall make into Autumn Chutney when I feel up to it. In the mean time they have been stoned and quartered and frozen. I hope this works!

aren't they a lovely colour!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh guess what my number is 8999.... missed the big prize my a measly one! Maybe I should log off and try again, but probably someone will beat me to it!!
All my pics of Salisbury Cathedral have scaffolding all the way up the spire, glad to see it is all gone now. I used to go to Salisbury a lot when I lived in Southampton.

RUTH said...

I came in at 9002 so missed it! I had Lynn staying this weekend and spent a while on your blog earlier this morning so I could show her what my Brugmansias SHOULD look like! She loved the socks too and adored your garden. Those suckers look a nuisance...hope you find a solution. I love the photos of your legs are brown...does that make me a good egg or a bad 'un....LOL

Felicia said...

What beautiful photos. Love the chickens.

farmingfriends said...

Your chickens are lovely and all have great names. Thanks for introducing me to them. Sorry to hear you are not getting many eggs. Sara from farmingfriends

Allotment Lady said...

Fabulous posting Libby and heartiest congratulations on reaching your 9000th

I looked but didn't leave a comment - I reckoned someone else would soon after your 9000th!

I reckon ex-shammickite should be the winner.

Gill said...

Hi Libby,

I was told by some one its to do with the lentgh of daylight hours, that the chooks dont lay.As its the third day of Sring here I am expecting four eggs!!!

Take care

mrsnesbitt said...

Another biker eh? Great stuff!