Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stumped! Snow and Surprises!!!

Well there I was all geared to do some crafting with the grey jumper from yesterday, when the washing machine packed up!! I am now Stumped!!! Fills and empties, just doesn't go round and round!! Mind you I have this wonderful man who can fix it(I hope) I have had it for years and he repairs and repairs, so lets hope he can work his magic tomorrow hey!!
In the meantime I have to dry an extremely soggy jumper, some how!!!

Heres Tango sneaking along the desk to see if he can help!!!

I am really sorry but I just have to post some of my snow pictures!!!!

I have taken loads, I was hoping I might get one good enough to make our Christmas card later this year, but I'm not sure!! I can't go out again as the snow has nearly all gone becuase it has been raining!!!!

The postie has been and look what he brought me........

Should have cost me £33.96 plus postage, but I got them all for £11.48 including postage!!!!!! The Grow Your Own Veg book was £4.99. The other books are for Madison, my Great Neice. Have you read the 'Hairy Maclary' books, they are great my children loved them. You need to read them with a Scottish accent though!!! Anyway if you would like to see where I bagged this bargain look here

Finally ssshhhhh!! be very quiet and look carefully, now whats going on here?? Whose that with the curly hair and bow?

Thats strange, normally when I get the camera out he rushes off to try and catch me out! So tell me who is this Darius?

Oh I see its Grandma Darkwood and she is not very good at rushing??

well in that case I will leave you both in peace!

Now wasn't that a nice surprise reader!!!!! LOL!!!!!


Allotment Lady said...

Brilliant photos Libby and all post. Love the snow ones - don't apologise they are gorgeous

I didn't post any cos I thought everyone else would - and they would be far prettier.

Snow getting washed away this afternoon.

Love you little animals in the last photos. brilliant

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of the snow! I am from Utah which gets quite a bit of snow, and we have had hardly any! I love seeing it somewhere else! Thanks for sharing!!

Vallen said...

You have inspired a mousey crochet project. I put it done for a day or two but I'm determined to finish it tonight now that I see your critters

RUTH said...

Grrrrr....blogger playing up and all I got was empty boxes instead of pictures...luckily by clicking on the boxes I managed to get to see MOST of them. I love the photo of the teasels......superb.

Sheila said...

Libby your snow photos are gorgeous. They are definately card worthy.xx
Sorry about the washer, what a pain. Why do they always quit mid cycle...grrr! hopefully the 'man' can fix it.
Grandma Darkwood is lovely...and Darius is sure to behave himself with her around...isn't he..?

Anonymous said...

Love all the snow pics. I think they would all make great cards.

Libbys Blog said...

Any I did try to visit your blog but have been unable to find you?