Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Few words lots of Pics!!

An odd egg!

We have a chicken which lays soft shelled eggs. I don't know which one of them it is. This is the oddest egg I have seen cos, it has a little tail. Looks a bit like the skin of a sausage!!!

We got some chicken netting today through the post,

I am determined to have some flower beds this year!!

I bought this in a charity shop for £5, it is Lambswool, and I have no intention of wearing it!!!

I shall be making something with it!!! I know its a boring colour but I have to practise on something!!!!!

The Great Pip Challenge!

Is storming along........... my ginger.....

and two out of the three dates, these are still in the propagator but will come out in the next couple of days!!

and finally I sowed the seed of all of these on the 1 st Feb and popped them in my bargain heated propagator

all except the Verbena & Sensitive plant have come through, so we are well on out way to a beautiful garden!!! LOL!!!

Added at 14.42 my flipping washing machine has just packed up!!!!!!!!


RUTH said...

Just posted a pic of your ginger on my post...but it was an old pic...will have to update it now!! It's grown so much and glad to see the dates are doing well. I use old jumpers to line hanging baskets with! Great bunch of seeds you're growing. Love coleus got some cuttings from last year overwintering in the back bedroom. The Nicotiana are going to smell glorious on a warm summers evening.

RUTH said...

Forgot to mention the egg....weird! When I was a kid I used to soak eggs in vinegar till they became malleable enough to squeeze through a small necked bottle without mates thought it was some kind of magic as the size of the egg was bigger than the neck of the bottle...bit like the ship in a bottle things.

Sheila said...

Strange egg..!
If it was a dietary deficiancy then the other chickens would have the same eggs surely..?
Sorry to hear about the washing machine, hope it wasn't mid cycle..?

Libbys Blog said...

Yes it was. The 'man' is coming to fix it fridat!!!

Anonymous said...

Wild egg you have there. Did you break it and see what the inside was like or if the "tail" was inside also.

Allotment Lady said...

Beware if you get soft shelled eggs frequently and are you sure that is not a worm?

Have you wormed them lately? And I guess they get lots of extra grit in their diet.

Great photos

Go get grannies washboard

I don't suppose you are going to try felting are you - or are you going to unravel it and make something else.

Libbys Blog said...

They where all wormed just before christmas!! One of them has done this not necessarily daily but reguarly. The only thing that helps is something called Shellstim which you add to the water!!