Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am here!! Motivation at zero though!!

Some of you may know, some may not that Tori has Aspergers Syndrome! I'm not sure the outside agencies have any idea what we go through at home.
I won't say what exactly happened on Sunday just that she ran away Sunday afternoon wearing just jeans and a t-shirt! Bearing in mind how cold it was, we gave her an hour, thinking she would just stomp round the village. But she didn't!! So Mark & I went out looking leaving our wonderful neighbour to hold the fort in case she came back! Anyway to cut a long story short after 2 hours we still hadn't found her, but she had heard me calling and she made her way home!! She was purple and had been sat on some logs in a field about 500yds away from home!
Now everything is fine, all sorted and more or less back to what it was. But this has really affected me badly!! I am struggling but who doesn't, keep putting one foot infront of the other and see what happens!!!

I started having my hair coloured about October last year, as the grey was getting to me!! I had like a grey hairband effect! Anyway I went to the hairdressers to have an all over touch up on Friday and it looks like I have gone totally white!!!!!!!! I wonder if it is because of the operations and stress I have been through the last 6 months!!!

My good deed for the day!!!! (Maybe the week!!!)
My friend who has MS, well her tramper packed up last week. This is her Tramper..

its like a fourwheel drive invalid carriage and allows outdoor people to carry on with outdoor actvities even though they may have disabilities!
So for some unknown reason the engineer wouldn't/couldn't come to her so we went to them. It has its own trailer so we loaded it up, 100 miles round trip, 1 hour wait, £25 bill, and it is now working and back at home! She is happy now because she is house bound without it. She has horses, chickens, sheep and a dog which she still helps look after, with believe it or not a very little amount of support! I admire her guts she has so much strength!!

Now I need to do something to get me going again, so look what arrived in the post today

My £10 including postage, mincer from Ebay!!! So I think I will do some Marmalading!!!! Well not exactly now, maybe tomorrow or the next day!!


Suzi-k said...

Hi, just catching up on past posts, sounds like you have been having a rough time! I hope through it all you are taking care of YOU as well as the rest of the world! Hugs! And BTW I ADORE the misty photos from the back door!

Women on the Verge said...


Thanks for dropping by our blog!

My heart goes out to you... my family is filled with those having "learning differences". Asperger's is a toughie. Does your school system have anything in place to help you out?? Iknow that in the states it's been horrific trying to get my daughter what she needs to be successful... to make things harder, in addition to her dyslexia and auditory processing issues, she's also exceptionally gifted. Talk about a concept the school was unable to wrap their collective brain around. They told us that you can't be learning disabled if you're gifted... it was a long three years of fighting before we made any progress. In the meantime I had a 6 year old telling me it would've been better if she'd never been born...

It's certainly hard to not feel defeated, you just need to focus on one day at a time! Hang in there!!!


Vallen said...

Oh my you do need a day out, chum. But that lovely blue food grinder just might be enough to replenish the spirit. It is beautiful!!!

RUTH said...

This is something that Manda knows more about than I as she deals with children with Aspergers at the school she works at. I am glad that desite everything Tori is safe.
Looking forward to seeing the marmalade...but please no MARMALADE coloured hair to match it...LOL
What a wonderful neighbour you are; there are many who would not take the time and effort that you did to help yours.
Take care; rest a little; work a little; laugh a lot

Sheila said...

I hope you are starting to feel better, Libby.Sounds like a tought ime..xx
You are a good Mum, and a good neighbour, I'm sure your friend was lost without her wheels...xx
Now show us how good a marmalade maker you are...!
I am toying with the idea of not colouring my hair anymore, and am preparing myself to find out what colour it actually is..!

Women on the Verge said...

Oh my goodness... I feel terrible... my kids came in and I got distracted while I was reading your post and I missed that she was missing for two hours and was purple with cold... you need a nice cup of tea and a long soak in the tub...


Libbys Blog said...

We are always fighting for her. Bearing in mind her GCSE's are this year and the school have only really begun to help her Dec 2006! Purely and simply because she has such a high IQ, but as the Occupational Therapist told the school, she has lots of issues which prevent her achieveing her IQ level and that they where the only agency currently letting her down!!! Only then did they act!!!

Women on the Verge said...

Your story sonds so much like ours... it makes me so angry to see the way the education turns their backs on anyone who doesn't fit into the pattern... they aim to teg the "round pegs" and Lord help you if you've got lots of edges and sharp, pointy corners. Is it all boiling down to money? Here in the states, that's the problem. It all boils down to not wanting to help a child reach their potential if it means they'll need to open their wallet. We've got 2 educational advocates we work with to TRY to get her what she needs and it's still been a battle. When this all began, 4 years ago, they actually turned it around on me ( my husband was in Iraq at the time) and told me I was the problem... that I was CREATING problems where there weren't any...

I know how frustrating it is, and for what it's worth, I'm rooting for you... thank God she has you because there are a lot of parents who become worn down and just give in. You're fighting for your daughter... she's truly blessed to have you.