Thursday, January 04, 2007

Libbys Crafting World!!!

Lottie and my sister's comment on the last post made me laugh!!! Why? well believe it or not Mark and I had discussed about getting planning permission for the shed to be converted into a brick built building!!! Somewhere to put my mother when she came to stay LOL!!!!!! To store veg! But I must admit I hadn't thought about making it a craft room, that is such a cool idea!!
Space is a premium in our 150 year old cottage! I suppose they didn't have alot of possessions in those days.
We created a cupboard under the stairs, because apart from the airing cupboard and the cupboard in Toris room this was the only place to store stuff but look......

full to the brim!! This is where the onions got moved to. You will find cat litter , bird food, tool boxes, craft boxes, scales, candle making equipment, sewing machine and sissors and all the other bits that go with it, wrapping paper, gift cards, telephone books, jamjars, theres also a 25kg sack of cat food and also a 15kg sack of sunflower hearts in there, the hoover fits in as well. When I get round to it I will have a sort through and make space for more 'STUFF'!


RUTH said...

I've got one of those cupboards too under my stairs.Perhaps we should start a "cupboard under the stairs" club. I just think it's magical the way one can fit soooo much stuff in them; a bit like the Tardis or Mary Poppins bag. One question though that you as a fellow "C.U.T.S." owner may be able to answer....WHY IS THE THING YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ALWAYS RIGHT AT THE BACK AND UNDER EVERYTHING ELSE!!!
P.S. Am having a think about the email business; may try putting comments as "for owners approval" on LOVE A COSY UNIT then you can put your email address in the comments box and I won't publish it; then I can email you so you can get my email address. If you have any better idea let me know.

Allotment Lady said...

How tidy. Having downsized to a little retirement bungalow I don't even have the cupboard under the stairs any more.

Hence my studio.

Loved the post Libby