Friday, January 05, 2007

£339 gone, just like that!!!!

A bit late posting today!!!!
Both Tori and I had eye appointments today! Need I say more. I need another pair of glasses, they can't change the lens in the ones I've got because I need these for working on the computer, the new pair are for all the close (craft) work I now do!! I wouldn't mind but I don't ever use them in the summer!!!!! I always make sure I have very good light to work in as well, I suppose thats old age, at least I know how it gets into the body, eyes first!!!
Tori has had a bit of a scare though, she to needs new lens's,also, but he found a 'bobble' at the back of the retina and has refered her to a specialist!!! Not really the year for eye problems what with GCSE's coming up!!! But I will keep you posted.

Yesterday was my pre-admission appointment for my operation a week today. Well my blood pressure was off the scale (understandably) Oh!(for those that don't know I had the same operation on October 13th, discharged 14th, emergency re-admission for a 'significant bleed' on the 16th and operated on again then kept in for 4 days!)but it didn't solve the problem so I have to do it all over again and have been told the pain will be even worse this time!!!!!!!!! They couldn't find any veins to get blood out of, so I'm like a pin cushion!!! and apparently I am just a day case this time!!! All this has been done privately (hubby has private medical insurance)so I am not feeling very confident!!

I am saving my knitting for when I'm not well, but I really need to find something to do in the meantime!!

I bought this little fairy about 16 years ago, she used to smell wonderful, her body is one of those wooden balls that smell lovely, for the life of me I can't think of there name! The red material is wrapped round and glued at the top, then the gold ribbon is put round and glued, some gathered lace as the ruffle. The head is a smaller ball with eyes, mouth and nose drawn on, the gold ribbon is used for the hair. The head is then attached to the body, a large sequin is used for her halo and 2 gold leaves for her wings and a ribbon is glued to the halo so she can hang from the tree.
When I first got her I used to keep her wrapped up in a plastic bag, slowly the scent wore off. Wouldn't it be nice to make a couple of new ones!!!!

Is anyone else having problems with blogger??? I can post photos in the main post but nothing in the side bar! Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong!!


RUTH said...

Ouch for the glasses and ouch for the op. AAAAh for the fairy and GRRRRR to's always playing up for someone!!!

Joanna said...

Your blogs are lovely, sorry I never emailed oyu to say the cards are in the post I should of done, very glad they arrived safely. I've been having a look at your garden and thats lovely, I would love my new garden to turn out like that. I have clicked on tha rayburn label too. Any tips with a solid fuel rayburn would be much appraicated. I took a picture of my new rayburn that I will have to get used to using in a few weeks time when we move into our new little house. Have you tried glasses direct, not sure the actual website but google search it. They do designer glasses for something like £20 aparently you just take your prescription to them

Libbys Blog said...

I never thought to have a look online!! I shall rememeber next time! Though I think we will still have to get Tori's at the shop because she has her lens's thinned and also photocromatic!! But thanks Joanna.

Allotment Lady said...

Ditto Ruth's comments. When I have to have my contact lenses changed, reading glasses to use when wearing contact lenses, glasses to wear without contact lenses and reading glasses to wear without contact lenses - well you can imagine the horrendous bill.

I have to stagger buying each item over four months!

How big is the fairy? She looks so sweet. I am having ideas of what to use instead of the wooden ball.

Libbys Blog said...

Shes about one and half inches tall!!