Thursday, September 07, 2006


Meet Megan

My friend and her daughter came round today, I used to work with Hayley 3-4 years ago and have always got on so well with her. She is a single parent and her daughter Megan is a handful. She had a number of tantrums today which included banging her head on a door and then the floor. You should have seen the bruise! She is only 18 months old!


I now have pics of all my chickens:

this is Babs as you can see she likes climbing, she is a Meadowsweet Ranger and is very friendly

This is Bree, she is a Barnvelda. If I said 'headless chicken' that describes Bree to a 'T'. You can't get near her, she flaps, squarks and runs around. Even when sweetcorn is on offer the rest are up the front pushing and shoving, she is at the furthest point of the run trying to get out in the opposite direction!!

Finally Big Bird(Left) and Bunty (Right)

Big Bird is a Maran, and bad tempered isn't the word. She thinks she's top bird but in fact shes not and she doesn't like it. She is blind in one eye so you have to be careful when approaching her, I usually talk, that way you don't scare her. She is always first to bed, why I have no idea, she will let my husband stroke her.

Bunty another Meadowsweet Ranger is the 'Houdini' of the flock, if she can get out she will. Since they have been in the new run though, I think we have her beaten. I admit to Bunty being my favourite, she is top bird and is such a character. She jumps to get leaves, berries or even the bowl out of your hand and it is hysterical to see.

On average we get 3 eggs a day, one bird is laying soft shelled eggs and I think one lays alternate days but as to which egg belongs to which bird, I haven't any idea.


One of my favourite programmes returned to the BBC last night 'Who Do You Think You Are?' this is my winter hobby, when there's not much going on in the garden. I now have 452 people in my tree. On my fathers side I can go back 5 generations and on my mothers, mothers side 6 generations. Take a look at the link on the left, there are pictures too!!!


Allotment Lady said...

It is great to see your photos, and four big hens huh? Am I jealous!

How long have you had them?

How big is the run - it looks good right up against the fencing.

How wonderful to be able to make a family tree. I can trace mine back to my mother and father! LOL That is where it stops.

mrsnesbitt said...

A family tree sounds a great activity.

Wouldn't mind exploring my family history, wouldn't have a clue where to start!