Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to school for Tori!

Its been a tough few days. Tori has like most children not wanted to go back to school! She hates change and the school have changed there start and finish times, which of course alters all the lesson times. Anyway up at 06.30 to wake her, expecting all sorts of problems but, altho she dragged her heels abit, she was ready. We left at the usual time because we have a junction to negotiate where A3102 meets the Devizes/Chippenham road and it is hell getting out of there. She went into school fine, I couldn't believe it!
Went to pick her up and it was chaos, in the school carpark, all the 'year 7' mummies where there, parking in the most ridiculous places, no one could move! Out she bounced full of the joys of spring, had a great day (which I knew she would, and told her so!) super timetable. One of the new teachers is excellent etc. etc .etc
I think I need a stiff drink!!!!!!

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Allotment Lady said...

So glad that her first day back went well. Phew, it is so nice to get that one 'under the belt' isn't it!