Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday 4th September

I got a jar and a half of the Blackberry and Sloe Gin Jelly, not bad really when I used half quantities!! Have to wait to taste, but am on the look out for more blackberries as I expect this could taste yummy! While I was out blackberrying I saw loads of elderberries, must find out what I can make with them, also someone on freecycle was offering crab apples something else to think about!
Have finished the chicken run, must take some pics!

This is Kathryn and her college mates out on the razz on Saturday night, it is probably the last time they will all be together before they go to Uni they are a great bunch. Kathryn is behind the girl who is bent over in the centre of the picture. That is Elli her best friend, she is off to West of England Uni, Kathryn is going to Worcester, only a train ride away from each other!

This is Tori (Victoria) my youngest daughter she suffers with Aspergers. A very special person this is a rare photo of her smiling, I caught her on a good day. She and Kathryn are very close and Kathryn has a way with her, she can get Tori to do things I can't! Tori has had a tough year and is currently under a physchiatrist! She has an exceptional IQ and sets herself frighteningly high standards, which if she doesn't achieve will beat herself up about! The school she is at has (past tense) been very good for her, but since her period of severe depression, not been as supportive as we would have hoped. Because she is a clever girl, no matter what, Tori will probably achieve A-C grades in her GCSE's. So the school are happy, they are not helping her achieve her ability of A, A* by supporting her, we have to fight all the way, its like climbing a rock face (not that I have, searching for every hand hole) we have to search out any help we can no one is there to say ' what about this, have you thought about that or take my hand'.

Enough of my ranting, her favourite colour is black, she likes the 'Goth' look altho I am not sure she is one. She is exceptional at English, she also was in Science, but the school lost her! ( A great shame when the country is so short of scientists). Anyway today we are off to buy her some Dr Martin boots I expect in her favourite colour.

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