Monday, September 04, 2006

My Garden at 07.30 04/09/06

As you step out the back door you arrive on my patio, (south facing) hence the tropical plants, bananas, cannas, tracycarpus, plus coal bunkers. This is a lovely place to sit, drink coffee, eat lunch ot dinner! Altho this year it was rather too hot!! At the end off the patio is an arch which you go through to get to:

Vegetable Garden

Not very wide as you can see which does give me a few problems especially with the 6 ft fence on the right!!! Not done too badly tho, the bed on the right was full of onions, I still have garlic and onions in bed on left.Down to the end of the Veg patch too:

Well I'm not sure really, I did have the chickens here but have moved them further down, I think I will be putting in a small green house here, this will be a cold one as the one at the very bottom has electric!

Through the arch to: the Garden, garden well you know the flowery bit!

Well that was until we decided the chickens didn't have enough space, so they have had use of the lawn, the sun dial doesn't normally sit there but as you will see from the following pics there has been construction going on. The pond behind the rotary drier is a haven for newts, frogs etc even tho we have fish.

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mrsnesbitt said...

When we had chickens they too had the run of the garden, infact the village!

Strange how they made tracks for a neighbour's garden, stocked with expensive plants! LOL!