Friday, November 21, 2008


I have been tagged by PlantBuddy a relatively new reader to my blog and although I don't usually 'do' tags I thought that I would do this as its a relatively quiet time of year. You will find my '8 Random Facts' amongst my post, so here goes.

Can you believe we have had Jake 3 months on Monday! 12 weeks 5 days to be exact. He does make us laugh, but is oh so stupid. I mean which cat happily sleeps in the basket that takes you to the vet!!!!!

1. The first snow we had after passing my driving test, my then boyfriend took me to a huge car park and taught me to skid. It was the business and I still use that skill when needed.

He idolises Tango and where ever T is Jake is close by. Tango used to get annoyed but seems to be getting used to it.

2. I have done a bricklaying course.

The plumber was in yesterday and needed access to our 'soil pipe' which is now in the centre of the house, so much furniture moving and removal of false walls ensued, which Jake thought was marvelous.

3.I used to wear a patch and glasses as I had a lazy eye!

He cannot open a door, he pushes his nose against it then puts his head through, panics and reverses at great speed and then repeats the process.

4. I was a Pixie in the Brownies.

He does love to play and has a pile of toys in T's room, he hadn't seen them for a little while due to her accumulation of 'stuff' when I uncovered them the other day and he was so pleased he rolled in them!

5. I have worn ‘Hotpants’!

He and Sassy do not get on at all and he does try very hard to dominate her he has two main positions he likes to take to do this, one is on the stairs, here he stops her from going up stairs

6. I have broken both my ankles twice.

He does not go out alot and still uses the litter tray, I'm not too worried and will ween him off it next year when the warmer weather returns. His other favourite 'power' position is just inside the cat flap so he can dictate who comes in. I must admit we find this abit worrying but I shall read my books to see what is advised.

7. I did an electronics course at college and built my own radio.

Although he is not the brightest cat on the planet, I know he adores T. Likewise she adores him. When she is in her room he sits outside her door and meows, you hear her get up and let him in, chatting away to him.
Prior to Jake she had been exceptionally unlucky with her pets, her cat was run over, her Rat, had to be put down as he had something go wrong in his head and her rabbit broke its back! He responds to her, will come when called by her he totally ignores the rest of us and acts as if we talk a different language! lol!
Anyway for more on Jake watch this space.........

8. I met my husband at a party and knew ‘he was the one’ he didn’t phone me for 2 weeks after. Apparently because he was getting rid of the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am supposed to tag 8 other people as I like so many blogs (see my sidebar)then please consider your self tagged, and if you would like to join in I would be honoured if you mentioned it was me that tagged you. It would be interesting to hear 8 random fact about you to!


PlantBuddy said...

Hi Libby, thanks for playing along. That was a great tag post. I was a brownie too. And I'm just recovering from a sprained ankle. Watch out that your cat doesn't go hide behind a wall and get shut in. I've heard they do that. Hope you had fun.

Allotment Lady said...

Great 'things about you' I never knew

Love the cats

mrsnesbitt said...

I only went to brownies once. LOL!

Cheryl said...

Oh my God Libby brocken both your ankles twice....what an absolute nightmare......I am not going to ask how you did it....

I love your cats, they are so cute......

ChrisJ said...

You're not the only one with a
crazy cat. Mine came back from his first visit to the vet last weekend, and yes, like Jake, he now sleeps in his crate!! The only thing I could figure out is that the crate was the 'safe place' at the vets. The vet was outside the crate. Hence the crate is now a safe place. I don't know what goes on in a cat's head but I do know they are going to put him on kitti-prozak -- an anti-anxiety medicine because he is so hyper, territorial and easily spooked. I know his days are numbered if this doesn't work! The last time we went away he urinated all along one side of our brand new carpeting!!! I love him bunches but I draw the line at a cat that ruins thousands of dollars' worth of carpet! We've had him 4 1/2 years and we've had five other cats before him, over the years. He is perfectly healthy but has decided he likes where he lives so much NO-ONE else will be allowed to get near. So he marks -- and yes, he has been fixed.

Auntie Noo said...

I don't think I could come up with 8 facts about me - but I absolutely love the fact that you have done a bricklaying course - FAB!

Libbys Blog said...

Plant buddy: I have done the 8 random facts before so tried to think of new ones.

Lottie, you'd be surprised what people don't know about me!! lol!!

Mrs N I did them all Brownies, Guides the lot and loved them all!

ChrisJ sorry to hear about your cat.

Auntie Noo, the bricklaying course was alot of fun! I like random stuff!!