Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Despondent in the Garden!

Its a bright sunny day today so I told myself I had to go out into the garden! I don't usually need encouragement, but I have totally lost the will to be out there. I could go as far as saying 'I Hate Gardening'!
I know you think my garden looks good, but to me it looks a right old mess. I remember when we first moved in and it was all lawn, so the girls could play, camp, cycle etc etc it used to look so big. Now its claustrophobic!
I had to top up the coal bunkers with the pre-packed coal so moved these bags from here

to here,

which of course I shouldn't have done becuase of my back, but I can't wait for hubby as he is having to work exceptionally long hours nowadays!
Under these bags I found three of these

I plan to put the cat trap here,

as we still have not trapped the wretched feral cat. Although I have a plan B if this doesn't work as when I tidied up the front garden there was a strong smell of un-neutered tom and I haven't smelt it in the back garden for awhile now!
So moving down the garden I raked up the leaves. Leaves and gravel do not go!

I moved this

and found this...

we have always had newts since we had the pond, I just haven't seen any for ages and ages. So I very carefully replaced the pot!
Now you would have thought it would have cheered me up to see these frogs and newts and yes to a certain extent it does.

So I moved further on to rake up the leaves from the lawn,

normally I enjoy being out looking at what is about, how I can improve on last year, what might work better etc etc. but the spark ain't there.

Behind the greenhouse is a right old mish mash of mess clutter, some of it rubbish some of it to be used again.

I think since my back I am scared to be laid up, it only takes that one stretch too many and I am on my back, so to speak. I want to do so much but I hold back, so becuase of this I am suppressing my enjoyment.
I think also there comes a time when you don't know where to start or what to do and usually inspiration will come in the shape of a friend or family member.
I have always enjoyed doing something different in the garden, but I'm wondering if it is the right thing to do. Maybe I should go back to the good old cottage garden. Get rid of the big greenhouse which does take up an awful lot of room. But I know me, the preverbial butterfly, maybe I should wait a little while longer and see.
I think I could save up my pennies and egt some help in the garden next year to do the heavier jobs that I can't do and lets hope my enthusiasum returns!


Anonymous said...

Aw, sorry you've got an attack of the dreaded despondency winter blues type thing. Once, not so long ago I was having a heavy day and I read a blog post by a woman whose latest tail-less moggie flew him and her up the garden via some picnic tables and chairs! You my dearie, you made me laugh so much. You're doing v well heeding your limitations, namely your back. I don't suppose you fancy growing cacti? Course not. I've had to stop making so many large stained glass panels because stretching the lead has made me fall on the old bum once too often when it breaks, and I've tried getting a man in to help me! Now I'm having a go at smaller items, jewellery. Tomorrow I will be trying out a rock tumbler for the first time (that is not an exotic acrobat by the way). Perhaps if you just do 15 mins every day in the garden, little and often instead of knackering yourself? You achieve so much, it's hard being still long enough to just be, women just aren't wired up that way, but it is possible. Take care, liZZie x

Libbys Blog said...

Bless you lizzie for reminding me of that day, it brought a smile to my face.
I'm an 'all' or 'nothing' girl so find short bits hard to do, but, I shall seriously consider what I do in the garden this winter and review the planting plans accordingly!

g said...

Oh, your photos are wonderful! I love the toads!

Your garden clutter looks much like mine did when I was an active gardener in the Pacific Northwest. Now here in Southern CA I am too busy for the same kind of intense gardening I did before, but your photos bring me back!