Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Day in The Garden.

I know I have been abit down, I think its becuase I miss my hubby. He hasn't gone or anything he is just working exceptionally long hours. Anyway we chat, even after 23 years together we still chat and there has been very little of that going on recently.

Anyway he managed to get home a little bit earlier last night about 9pm (thats from 7am in the morning) and he had a lovely surprise for me

aren't they the most beautiful colours? Bless him. love him to pieces!

Anyway as it was due to be a dry day yesterday, and it had been dry for the few days before I decided after hanging out the washing I needed to mow the lawn, one last time. So here is before

and this is after!

There is a difference honest!!!

Having decided that the end of the world was nigh, with reference to gardening. I gave myself a good talking too. I have coped and live with M.E. I'm sure I can cope and live with a bad back! I just have to manage my time better so I don't overdo it. So with this in mind I decided to do a little bit!
The other day I showed you behind the green house, do you remember

it was in a bit of state.

Well I decided to have a go and tidy just this small area up. So all the plant pots got put into here

I shall wash them in the spring, all the rubbish got bagged up, all broken plastic pots etc also got bagged up as they can now go to the tip for recycling.

I brush tidied and moved stuff around

It was only an hours work and to be honest, not a good height for my back! I probably did too much but at least I stopped at an hour and that one area is now alot tidier than before! I am relatively happy, but you know me. Taking little steps is very hard!


liZZie said...

Well done Libby! Little steps = huge strides? x

mrsnesbitt said...

I love the great feeling of achievement when we tidy up and sort out dont you? Great stuff Libby, inspiration on this cold cold day.

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you Lizzie, I'm sure they will appear like huge strides eventually but not just yet!!!

Mrs N, I love to de-clutter and tidy it sort of clears the mind. I think that explains why my mind feels so clogged up sometimes!!!

Cheryl said...

Now I feel guilty....I must tidy the shed.....I can't move in there at the moment......

Didn't know you had ME Libby......hard to cope with I am sure......very frustrating to......

Lovely flowers from hubby......what a good man you have.......

lilymarlene said...

I think you will find that sitting around only makes backs worse. I have suffered with a back problem for years, and find that if I am gentle with it when it is sore it recovers quicker than if I try to sit it out....honestly! You probably did just about enough with that organising.
Must get on with my shed too....can't get in it!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely surprise that gorgeous bouquet! Just what you needed, a bit of colour in the home to cheer you up. Well done with the tidying up, are you gonna do my stuff too if I ask nicely? ;-)

ChrisJ said...

My goodness!! That sounds like a day's work to me!