Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lights, Craft & Tango!

Lots going on today so I have to make this a quickish post!
K is coming home from Uni for the night for mothers day! Which is super, I always look forward to seeing her! My old friend C, is coming to stay for the night with her family, you may remember her from the wedding back in May last year!

The equestrian lights have become an issue again! I can't believe this is happening, since they angled the lights down they have been alot better, and although we don't like them we could live with them.
These are the lights angled down

Suddenly this last week up they went and we are bathed in a sea of light again!!
Angled up.

I think you can see the difference, even though they are not good pics!
Hubby went down and had a chat and apparently the light bulbs keep blowing! When they got the 'cherrypicker' in (cost £500, each time) they angled the lights up to change the bulb and loads of water came out, so this is why they are angled up again!! Hubby said to them had they got a specialist in, in the first place they wouldn't be having this problem, they sort of agreed!! The ironic thing is I contacted the Equestrian Lighting specialist, told him what had been happening and he roared laughing and said it made 'good bedtime reading' and is prpared to visit if they wish!

I have been crafting,

but what will it make, well I'm sorry you will have to wait and see!!

Finally I ordered some Cards from Joanna Twinn at Higgledy Piggledy. I have had some before and love them. They are great to jot a note on and post.

I am convinced she modelled these on my Tango!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Joanna does wonderful cards doesn't she... I am thinking of ordering some too!
I'll be eagerly watching your blog to find out what you are making.... is it a quilt? A cusion? A bag? Clothing?

Cheryl said...

The lights must be a terrible nuisance, hope you get them sorted.
Love your crafting, something I have never been good at.
I must say that does look like your cat, its quite amazing.
Enjoy your weekend and mothers day.

Petunia's Gardener said...

I was just wondering if you sent her photos of Tango to make those cards. They are very lovely.

Allotment Lady said...

Wonderful cards- and your seeds are romping away - lucky you with those greenhouses.

Hope the light problem gets sorted asap