Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Growing Competition

Do you remember last year when I had 'The Great Pip Challenge' well I did fairly well and the date seeds are still growing merrily away in the greenhouse!
On the Hardy Tropicals we are having a competition using the 'Wilkinsons Alocasia Corms' (Elephants Ears)as to who can grow the biggest leaf, to be measured before the 30th September, from a corm bought this year!
So mine are in the propergator

I have 3 corms in here at the mo! The one on the left at the back is nothing to do with the comp, the label showed it had dark purple and green leaves, I thought a lovely combination. Sadly, when I got back and did some research it turns out the picture could be lieing and it may just be a plain old green!! We shall see!
The two on the right at the back are from Wilko's. One is planted in a pot I only bought that yesterday and its already sprouted a pink bud. The other is propped up on a pot as there is some discrepancy as to which way up it needs to go, so I am bideing my time to see which end sprouts first!
The other little pots have Basil and some of the very tall Nicotiana seed in.

The other competition is for who can grow the biggest 'Colocasia Leaf'. Because I have a heated greenhouse mine never really died back it just went dorment. So I potted it up and popped that in the propergater to but had to get it out when it lifted the lid!

This is my competition! Although its not yet planted it did get really big last year! But what I really, really want is one of these its a Alocsia macroriza. Do you see why I like these plants?

Now for some exciting news! Remember I started off some tropical seeds on the 8th February. They where given to me as an exchange for a brugmansia cutting. I didn't hold out much hope for the big seeds as the germination instructions go something like this:- Soak seed for 48hours. Sow in sterile seed compost. Daily temp cycle 9hrs @ 30-35C, 15hours @12-30C constant! Not being the most patient of gardeners I did what I always do and soaked them then put them in damp perlite and shoved them in the airing cupboard and forgot about them, but this morning I checked them, well look......

Dam things have sprouted, now what the heck I do I don't know but I will find out! I am sat here with a massive smile on my face, for having sprouted something that should have been difficult but also because I got two lovely parcels in the post

I received a gorgeous brooch from my friend Vallen all the way from California

Thank you so much, it is gorgeous!

and the Potting Shed held a February Swap and I got these

Lavender Bath Scrub, Peppermint Footcream, Orange and pumice soap 'ideal for gardeners' and a turquoise facecloth!

You can't beat 'Snail Mail' its so much nicer when small parcels arrive on your doorstep!


Cheryl said...

Really eager to see your tropicals when they are in flower, I have never grown them, so I don't recognize any of the names.

Its great getting surprise gifts isn't it.....love anything to do with creams for feet etc. So nice after a days hard graft in the garden.

Allotment Lady said...

What a wonderful surprise - all those tubers just waiting to win that competition for you.

All those wonderful seeds - bursting into life

Vallen's brooch - she is so clever isn't she

And a fabulous booty in the swap - I bet those all gave you a wonderful Spring boost.


Vallen said...

How d you ladies, you and Lottie, just know so much about plants. I so admire your talents in the garden. You two make my days in the English countryside go on and on. Thank you.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Isn't it great when that happens. I admit it wasn't a 'tropical' but I was delighted with the little hazel tree I grew from a freshly-picked nut some years ago.

If the cupboard belonged to your aunt you're not that old - I actually had one in my first kitchen!!!

Sue x