Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two Things To Mention Today!

Sheila nominated me for this award a few days ago, but I had one or two other urgent things that got in the way at the time!!!!!
I am always thrilled when someone nomintes me for an award and in someways I'm also a bit puzzled. Why you ask? Well all I do is blog about my life and things I enjoy doing. When we blog it all appears to be quite selfish because we write about us, me, my etc. Yet we all enjoy reading other peoples 'us, me, my' stories too. Funny really.
Anyway many thanks Sheila I am honoured. Now to pass this on, quick run for cover!!! Well there are a number of blogs I read that have asked not to be included in awards, which I respect, BUT!!!!! I will still nominate you anyway as I so enjoy reading your 'us, me, my' stories they inspire me! So please accept the award, but I do understand that you may not pass it on!
Line up:-
Here we go:-

Denise at Mrs Nesbits Place
Lottie the Allotment Lady
Vallen the Queen of Craft
Ruth a Special Lady
Janice at A Garden of my Thoughts
Wildlife Gardener

Now for

The Lady and the Chocolate
Chocolate :You want me lady don’t you? You want me! YOU WANT ME!
Lady : No Chocolate, I do not want you, for after the initial pleasure there is sickness and there is guilt!
Chocolate:That, lady is the reason for my existence. Are you to deny me the reason for my existence?
Lady:No, chocolate. I would not do that.
Chocolate:Thank you

(A munching sound is heard, followed by a sigh of pleasure)


RUTH said...

Thanks nice of you to give me this award :o) I think one of the reasons I love reading your blog (besides the fact you're a lovely lady with fabulous plants) is because it's like we're a couple of friends chatting over the garden fence (though if we were really chatting over the fence I'd ask you in for coffee!)....I like REAL people blogs.....especially when they give me a good reason to eat chocolate...LOL

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks Libby.
I must catch up soon and do some award giving!
Today has been a funny day however and I can't get going...and it is 4.10pm!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Congrats on winning this award Libby, being nice to others really matters and you deserve this award IMO.

Great nominations and an excellent thought for thursday too!!!

Allotment Lady said...

I just love your Thursday thought for the day - and thank you so much for the nomination - very sweet of you.

Parcel went out today so you should have it for Monday. Then you can blog your burger or sausage making

I won't be around to visit blogs at the weekend

Well I am at home but have visitors