Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Back!!

At home now, not doing alot. Op went fine. But it appears that the CT scan I had earlier in the month, has thrown up a problem with my ovaries!!!! They where left behind after my hysterectomy (sp) so this has now to be checked! I still have to go back for a follow up and then another colonoscopy, plus an ultra sound scan of the ovaries to see what has to be done. So we are getting are money's worth out of the medical insurance!

This is a pic from a walk on Saturday evening!


RUTH said...

Was starting to worry and on the point of emailing you when I saw your comment on my blog. Glad the op went ok and hope the other problems are easily sorted. A beautiful photo...sending a {{HUG}}

Allotment Lady said...

Good job its raining - you can rest and relax.

Glad all went well.

Get rid of those old ovaries - they have done their job bless 'em LOL Less bits to worry about!

Not much left inside my tummy now LOL - more room for food LOL

Seriously though - you were in my thoughts and glad you are home again. And private health care - brilliant - at least you get quick treatment and get pampered. They are keeping an eye on you so that's good too. If the ovaries have to go, then its OK - honestly.

Lovely photo - really nice and relaxing.

And my hugs to Ruth's and have a nice big comforting cuddle.

I really must go and clean our windows (inside, it is tipping it down outside). We have guests for a long weekend how live in a huge posh house - pristine and shining having had a top to toe makeover, and the lady of the house is very house proud always cleaning - and she doesn't like chickens! Or do outsidey things like me. Oops.

Sheila said...

Glad to hear that all went well Libby. I agree with Lottie LOL, we don't need all those 'bits' now, and I'm sure they can soon sort things out.
The photo is lovely, what a pretty sky.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Glad you're back home safe and sound, even if you do have to have more bits sorted! Lovely Wiltshire sky!

smilnsigh said...

Oh dear, wishing you well with all of this. And please keep NOT doing a lot.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I'm glad that everything went ok with the op. It's also good to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor: we're getting our money's worth out of the medical insurance. LOL

I hope the other problems will be easily sorted.

You're doing a great job at not doing a lot. Keep it up!

Take care! ((hugs))