Monday, April 16, 2007

Double tagged!

I have been tagged by the crafty Vallen as one of her 5 favourite blogs and the photographic Anna. I am totally honoured as they both said how much they enjoyed reading my blog!!! Thank you!

Now I need to pick 5 of you ( all run and hide quick)so I will, but please don't feel obliged to do this I know some people have been tagged so many times or have so many readers if they answered all there tags they would not have time to blog!

With out fail I would always pick Lottie and Mrs Nesbitt Their blogs are so different from one another but are full of such info. I have already tagged them but fully understand if they don't/can't/won't do it!!! To this I would add a new blog I would always tag Ruth she is a person I have never met but who I feel drawn to! She has recently lost her husband so I certainly have no expectation of her doing the tag, I just wanted her to know I picked her!!

You must all pop over and visit Yolanda she keeps you up to date with gardening fashions and has the nost stunning garden, which I am going to pinch one day!

Then Petunias Garden from my photo a day blog she always has some useful info and beautiful pictures!

So what have I been up to today, well first off I went to the specialist and he is very pleased but has not signed me off, yet, I have to go back in 3 months!!! Then I spent 4 hours doing something I can't blog about because I don't want someone to know about it!!!

Then my neighbour but one, has a huge pile of wooden pallets that held his patio slabs which he was about to burn!!! I whizzed round at the weekend and persuaded him not to have a bonfire so my other neighbour and I are going to dismantle them, so I spent an hour today pulling some apart. I will have to keep going back this week! But they are really tough to part, well they did hold huge slabs!!

So what has happened in the garden today, nothing, zilch, zero!!!! Which is not good as I am so behind now. Provided none of my local friends phone up tomorrow as they haven't seen me for 2 weeks, I shall try and spend it 'outback'! But I have the builders coming in on Wednesday to fix the roof and I still haven't done any housework!! You see I have this problem, because I'm a 'big' lady I don't like people to think I'm fat & lazy!!! As you know I'm not, I just hate housework! So what do I do? The whole house needs hoovering and dustng, I have piles and piles of ironing, the bathroom and downstairs loo are OK, the kitchen floor needs sweeping and washing and in fact the whole kitchen needs a tidy up! But its sooooooo boring cos I'll only have to do it all again in a few days!!!!!! Aaaaargh!!!

I have a though!! (Only one a day aloud!) I could do the housework this evening or even the garden this evening!! Cunning! Must cook tea first then maybe a G & T whilst I think!!!!!!


RUTH said...

Thanks for thinking of me but not tagging me...I really couldn't pick only 5...everyones blogs has their own personality.besides I would have had to tag you back as one of my favourites!!!
It's so nice to meet a fellow Housework hater; there are just so many other far more interesting things to do. I prefer to let things get a bit messy and then have a good clear up, at least then I can see the difference afterwards!

Sheila said...

You can't garden year round, housework can be done anytime.
Glad the hospital visit went well.
What are you going to do with that wood...?
I suspect a project in the works...?

Akelamalu said...

Oh the garden should win every time, especially when the weather's good.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oi, there will be no pinching of my garden! Besides, I'll know where to find it then, won't I? :-D

Homework is not of the good!

A G&T while you're thinking, now that sounds like a plan I'd like to adopt. All of a sudden I can see a lot of thinking ahead, can't you? Slice of lemon, dear?